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I discovered My fascination with hypnosis and trance at a young age, and it was only natural for Me to explore it more as an adult. 

I am particularly interested in the human mind, and I love seeing the pure submission of My pets when they give over their minds for Me to explore. 

Hypnosis: FAQ



Hunger, fullness, force-feeding... It's all so much more exciting when coupled with hypnosis.


Either real life or imaginary bloating/inflation.


I've always been somehow obsessed with bellies...


There's nothing as vulnerable as losing control of your bladder before someone. Can be long term bladder incontinence or just a single accident.


It's pretty self-explanatory, subject loses IQ points and becomes dumber.


I love messing with perception and arousal at the same time.

Hypnosis: List



The subject can speak in a different accent, unable to change back until triggered. Subject can be aware or unaware of the changes. 

The subject perceives everyone else mysteriously speaking in other accents. 

The subject loves when the hypnotist uses a specific accent. When the hypnotist uses a different accent, they beg the hypnotist to change back.


The subject plays with themselves (with help from a hypnotist, or not) and once they climax, forget that they were playing with themself, and resume playing. 

Forgets that they enjoy hypnosis, and even that hypnosis is a real thing. Cue proof from the hypnotist, but the subject keeps insisting it's due to their own choice. 

The subject forgets this specific trance. 

The subject forgets all prior interactions with the hypnotist. 

Subject forgets everything about themself, only knowing that they're speaking with the hypnotist and that they trust them.

Subject forgets their name but remembers everything else. Every time they realize they can't recall it, they become more aroused.

Subject forgets the trance up until that point, and believes they are starting right then.


The subject is triggered by an arousal trigger (with or without them being aware of the trigger). 

The subject is triggered by counting.

The subject is aroused by something they are usually not aroused by (ex: foot fetish).

The subject gets a hard-on on command, that won't go down even after the climax.

The subject is aroused and wants to get naked, but their hands are too clumsy. The more they fail at removing their clothes, the hornier they get. 

The subject experiences an orgasm, but instead of finishing and dissipating, it just peaks again.

Taking from the scene in The Matrix: upon eating something, they react as though their pleasure centers were hacked.

The subject is brought to the edge of orgasm and unable to climax until triggered.

The subject feels progressively more arousal upon each touch from the hypnotist, and they beg for more touching until they orgasm from just touching.


Believes hypnotist is the richest person in the world and they are a gold digger.

When playing a game (strip or regular), the subject believes they are losing each round even if they've won. Extra fun if it's a drinking game (real or hypnotic), extra fun if stripping is involved.

Everything is hilarious and causes the subject to laugh uncontrollably.

The subject believes they took a sleeping pill. 

The subject believes that the hypnotist has injected them with (insert drug here), and feels the effects.

The subject believes they have become invisible.

The subject believes they are in love with the hypnotist and must confess their love.


The subject is triggered into being blank, with no thoughts, no responses, nothing there except for responses to other triggers and breathing.

Upon being triggered, the subject freezes with or without being aware of time passing, until triggered back into movement.

Subject gradually loses IQ points, becoming dumber and dumber as time goes on.

The subject starts confusing words, mixing up and jumbling words until even the simplest words are too confusing.


The specified limb is stuck in place when triggered. The harder the subject tries to move it, the more impossible it gets.

Bound in place and tickled. 

Stuck where they're standing/sitting, as though super-glued.


Call-and-response - The subject must respond with a specific phrase when prompted.

Mantras that take over the mind.

Subject is amazed and aroused by the hypnotist.


The subject is triggered between one mood and another (ex: shy to excited and back).

The subject denies they are in trance.


The subject wants to be under mind control constantly and begs the hypnotist to take control.

The subject's body/hands are under complete control of the hypnotist. They do not respond to any of the subject's choices, only respond to the hypnotist's commands. The subject's mouth will say "yes sir" when responding, to the surprise of the subject. 

Randomly exclaiming with specified phrases.

Certain body parts are off limits for either the session or for the long term. (except for showering)

The subject cannot look away from something (Hypnotist's eyes, breasts, crotch, any other random thing)

The subject is controlled to strip and masturbate, only they will not be aware of it and carry on conversations/actions as though there is nothing odd going on. 

Subject drops themselves into a trance with a snap of a finger, pendant, or countdown.

Subject copies everything they hear. (can be aware that they are, or not)

The subject is compelled to dance (to music, or not, stripping or not)

During a completely innocuous conversation with the hypnotist, subject will expose themselves when they think the hypnotist isn't watching.

When triggered, the subject's hands become numb and they drop what they're holding, unable to pick anything else up.

Upon being hit with a "laser" (which could be a flashlight), the subject becomes blank and obedient.

Subject must say what they're thinking upon being triggered, without knowing they're saying it. Makes it seem like the hypnotist is mind-reading.

Self-triggered freezing/sensation when saying a specific innocuous word.


The subject believes they are clothed when they are not.

Alternatively, wakes up believing they've stripped and are naked when they are still clothed. 

The subject believes they've woken up in a different body, whether gender-swapped, a person they know, or a random body.

Subject perceives innocuous things as sexy/sad/funny, and sexy/sad/funny things as plain.

Subject reacts as though their drink is drugged. (can consciously be aware that it is "spiked" or not)

Over time when seeing/hearing a certain trigger, it is as though the subject took another alcoholic drink until they are completely intoxicated.

The subject believes limb is bound when triggered with a bondage trigger.

The subject believes they are a newsreader for either (or switching between) an SFW known channel and an NSFW porn news channel.

Subject perceives pheromone effect from the hypnotist, must smell and becomes more amorous with each sniff.

Subject perceives that body parts (breasts, penis) have grown/shrunk.


Bimbo (giggly, lightheaded, dumb, and obsessed with sex).

Casanova/Seductress (Subject is intent on flirting with everyone and getting them to bed)

Dolly (Empty mind, girly dolly voice, completely obedient).

French Maid (Speak in a french accent and move suggestively as the subject "cleans" the space.)

Master/Mistress (Believe that others are below you, believe you are in control of the situation until triggered to see that you are indeed out of control)

Nymphomaniac (Feel and think only about sex. Sex is the only thing you can conceive of as being interesting, and your body and genitals are the biggest turn-ons, you feel extremely sexy.)

Robot (Speak in monotone and robotic phrases, believe that there is no alternative but to obey completely, can have a low battery that gets progressively lower. Can get errors and glitches and need to reboot.)

The subject becomes their favorite celebrity, complete with mannerisms, accents, etc. Can believe it is perfectly normal and that they are that person, or that they've suddenly body-swapped and they still have their mind.

The subject is entranced with the camera, and what they might look like to the other person.

The subject feels and behaves like a brat, and doesn't want to submit/cooperate.

Gender swap

The subject is compelled to lie, unable to say any truth.

The subject believes they are auditioning to be a camgirl/boy channel. 

The subject is a puppet, and upon being triggered, the strings are cut and they slump.


The subject feels the hypnotist spanking their ass when they lean over and pull down their underwear.

The subject feels a buzz in their body in sensitive areas when triggered. 

The subject's clothes progressively become more uncomfortable/itchy, until they have to strip.

The subject feels a vibrator/buttplug upon being triggered/at regular intervals.

See/hear/smell/taste nothing, except that the unconscious mind will still respond to triggers.

The subject feels their body progressively getting weaker until they slump down and fall back and their eyes close.

Hypnosis: List
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