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I am a Lady, and a Lady deserves to be lavished with gifts and tributes. 

And your place is to provide that for Me. Fulfill your purpose of being a paypig for your Lady.

I will rinse your wallet, your bank account, your investments... Your belongings are My belongings. 

Findom: FAQ



Kneel before me and present your tribute in person. If I am unhappy with your chosen tribute amount, I may choose to empty your wallet as well.

The minimum for a cashmeet is $200.


Watch me take control of your accounts and assets, transferring whatever I'd like into My name.

The minimum for a rinse is $1000.


Sign a contract to pay off a debt amount I decide after looking at your Financials.

The minimum contract is 6 months long, with $400 minimum a month. This amount will obviously vary according to what I see in your accounts.

Make Me happy by buying and sending me physical gifts. This shows your thoughtfulness along with your absolute financial submission to me. 

(It is not considered findom unless you struggle for My sake... so make it a GOOD gift.)


I will hypnotize you and trigger you to send. This is similar to regular rinsing, but you will be the one sending, as I trigger you with hypnotic commands.

The minimum for a rinse is $1000


A cashmeet plus a chance to spend extra time with Me. How much luckier can you get? 

You are expected to have $500 for Me at the very least, and you will pay for Me to enjoy a high-class meal of my choice. 


I will take your cards and buy what I'd like, be it shoes, clothes, toys, or any other thing I have My eye on at the time.

The minimum I am likely to spend is probably $750.


Oh, the rush of blackmail. I will collect blackmail material on you and will hold you to this unique contract. You will be held to the expectation of obeying ALL of My commands. 

I do offer a buyout clause for My contracts, a minimum of $1800.

Findom: FAQ
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