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I have always been a leader, even back in my years of Bais Yaakov Orthodox high school experience. 

Even before I learned the methods of proper hypnosis, I have been playing with people. I love to play with peoples' minds and wants, showing them that what I want is what they want. What you want. Isn't that right? 

I am completely frum (Orthodox)... in certain ways. 

I believe in Hashem (God) but I also believe in the freedom of sexual expression and openness. We all have our wants and needs. I am here to meet my own, and you are here to help Me meet them. You know this is true, my pet.  Because when I meet my needs and wants... it makes you feel so happy. 



Make sure you read the My Kinks and Limits and My Sessions pages before reaching out.

~I am unavailable from Friday sundown to Saturday about an hour after sundown due to Sabbath observance~

If you call from a private number and I do not pick up, please try again, text, or reach out through the chat box or form below. My phone seems to automatically drop private calls sometimes, I do not know why


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